Instruments for Sale

New & Used Instruments

I try to keep current by building and repairing instruments that interest me. Since I have a full-time job in addition to lutherie/strings, I am not able to take orders at this time. However, I do consider requests, so please feel free to contact me if there is an instrument you may be interested in seeing me build.

Some of the items "On the Workbench" will eventually make their way to sale. Check back here or follow me on Facebook:

For some of my original work, please also see the Instruments Gallery.

New Instruments for Sale

A starter-cittern package of instrument, case, strings, and (for USA customers only) turkey quill plectra.

This cittern is signed and dated Yvonne Invisteo[?] (1983), but it was never completed -- until now.  It is in brand-new condition but with 40 year aged wood! See here for more details.

Coming soon: Fairy Bells (2023)

Used Instruments for Sale

Original 4-course mandore by Andrew Hartig (2011) in Pacific yew, flamed maple, and Englemann spruce, with ebony fingerboard and pearwood bridge/pegs. Tuning (low to high): c'-g'-c"-g".

This instrument saw regular use for several years but has spent almost the last decade unused. It's time for it to find a new home!

Instrument comes with a custom velvet-lined wooden case, spare gut strings, fret ruler, and string schedule. (Gambling and smoking devices are only for scale and are not included.)

Restored / renovated Zuckermann unfretted single-strung clavichord. Built by Jeremy Knight (1980s?).  54-keys, C-f '''.

Mahogany(?) veneered case with detachable legs. Fully restrung, including twined strings for the lowest strings. Original laminated soundboard has been replaced with a quality Sitka Spruce soundboard that maximizes the tone and volume. 

Other instruments, coming soon: The following instruments are in the process of being restored / repaired and will be offered for sale in the coming months. To be notified or to express interest, please contact me.