Zuckermann unfretted clavichord

Zuckermann unfretted clavichord [SOLD]

Restored / renovated Zuckermann unfretted single-strung clavichord. Built by Jeremy Knight (1980s?).  54-keys, C-f '''.

Mahogany(?) veneered case with detachable legs. Fully restrung, including twined strings for the lowest strings. Original laminated soundboard has been replaced with a quality Sitka Spruce soundboard that maximizes the tone and volume. 

The instrument has been renovated and restrung by me. Although the exterior of the instrument has had some rough treatment over its life, as evidenced by some dents on the underside of the front edge, some torn veneer at each of the four corners, and some mild water stains, what is "under the hood" is quite good. The fruitwood topped keys play easily with minimal noise and no binding. 

The bridge was mostly detached from the laminated soundboard when I received it; I have since replaced the laminated soundboard with a fine-grained AAA Sitka Spruce soundboard. The soundboard has been carefully thicknessed and braces/ribs have been carefully trimmed to provide a strong yet resonant and responsive soundboard.

Stringing is iron and yellow brass, including several twined yellow brass strings for the lowest bass notes.

T-handled tuning wrench and 4 new detachable legs included.

Local pickup (San Francisco Bay Area) preferred, as the instrument is quite heavy. If you are local, you are welcome to see it and play it. Simply contact me.