Plain Strings

Plain Strings


Plain strings are used for the high and middle range of both plucked wire instruments (e.g. citterns, orpharions, bandoras) and keyboard instruments. Iron and steel strings, due to their higher tensile strength when compared to brass, are usually used for only the highest strings, while brass or bronze, due to their greater density, are best suited to the middle and lower registers.

Alloys Available

I regularly stock the following alloys of strings. Other alloys (red brass, silver, gold) may be available by special order.

Looped Ends

Plain strings are available with or without looped ends. In addition, loops can be supplied at either one or both ends (see Prices).

For looped ends, please specify which size loop you would prefer. Loops come in three diameters: small (3 mm), medium (4mm), and large (5mm). Custom sized loops are available by special request at no extra charge.

Gauges Available

I have the following plain string gauges on hand. Other gauges may be available by special order.