"New old stock"

4-course chromatic cittern,
Yvonne Invisteo[?] (1983)
45cm mensur

"New old stock" 4-course chromatic cittern, 45cm mensur: [SOLD]

This cittern is "new old stock." It was a part of the Ephraim Segerman estate and appears to have been built from a Renaissance Workshop cittern kit, but it was never fully brought to completion -- until now. When I acquired it, the cittern was completely assembled, but the pegs and bridge were missing, the peg holes had never been reamed (in fact, they had traces of varnish in them), the frets were overly tall, and no hitch pins had ever been installed.  

The label reads Yvonne Invisteo[?] with a date of 1983. 

I have brought this cittern into working order by fitting new pegs and hitch pins, creating a new bridge, and completely reducing and dressing the frets. The result is essentially a brand new cittern with 40-year aged wood!

This is an ideal cittern for someone interested in learning to play renaissance cittern, someone who needs a cittern on hand for broken consorts, or for someone who would like a less expensive travel or loaner instrument. The 4 courses and chromatic fretting makes this cittern suitable for the English repertoire (tuning low to high: bb/gg'g'/d'd'/e'e') of Anthony Holborne, Thomas Robinson, John Playford, the Matthew Holmes' manuscripts, and the broken consort repertoire -- though the 45cm mensur would make some of the harder works of Holborne and Robinson a little more challenging than with a smaller mensur.

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